Thursday, April 19, 2012

You @ me.....

Completed another challenge at ScrapNChat.
Scrap your stash.
This is relatively new stash, but I had it
at least a month or two so basically it works. LOL!
3 different patterns, 2 tags, deckle scissors OR edge punch and knots.
Notice how clever I worked in the @ as in Annie.
Another iphone shot. Which was fun.
Annie wasn't as helpful as Owen which is ok.
Grammy had to remember to not shake the phone when 
pushing the button. 
And look casual doing it.
I got lucky, coz seriously I'm not that good.
American crafts, pink paislee, project imagination,
sissix slobbery kiss, office depot tax, MS punch.


  1. so sweet!! love the colors and the picture is "the sweetest"!!!!:)

  2. What a really sweet photo, loving those colors with it.

  3. sweet all around, lynn! great job with the challenge.

  4. aw what a great picture, I have not used my stash in a long time, I was sewing this week and let my kid use some and I was thinking, man I have to scrap again, I have so much to work with!

  5. Love the choice of grid pp in the background!


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