Saturday, April 28, 2012

The topping for a long day....

We had a great flight from Tampa to DC-Reagan. 
I even got some shots from the air before
I got busted.
 You have to be quick.
Because the plane is really fast.
 And the Washington monument,
no trip is complete without it.
Even if you're doing a fly by.
We were runnning late.
The Enterprise was flying to its new home.
Which backed everything up.
And we were late late for a very important date.
New York, New York................
And then there was Lou.
Who woke up just for us.
And then relaxed into us.
And I got to smell new baby scent....
They should bottle that.
Grammy had to relax Lou
Because Grandpop has baby holding rules.
Grammy don't.


  1. great pics!!!! and of dc too can't believe u got those :)


  2. WOW Lynn...those are great photos from the plane. Never thought of doing that.

    And what a cute little baby. The grandparents look soo proud!

  3. Killer highway pic! love it! And that little tiny freshy baby! Ack!!! Sooo cute! I love skinny little new born legs and feet. Soak the cuddles in! Take tons of pics, and post post post.

  4. wooooooooooooooohoooo love taking photos on the plane ;)


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