Sunday, March 25, 2012

Sand eeuuu!!! LOL!!

Amelia not liking the taste of sand.
It appears NH had a sunny day. And not to be wasted,
all parties headed to the beach.
It's not like a Florida beach.
The water is cold, and yes I'm a wimp about that.
And the sand looks like mud.
Pretty in a different rugged way.
So back to the LSS to find the "right" papers. 
and Wa-la. K&Company.
I finally remembered I could jazz up tags.
*insert eyeroll*
AND this is loosely based on a sketch from October afternoon.


  1. oh my gosh...this is sooooo cute! love the pictures and your page is awesome, Lynn! :-)

  2. Those papers are sooooo amazing for beach photos! Very cute.

  3. Water may be cold, but I still miss NH. Didn't know you had family there. :) Love the sweet pic and great LO, Lynn! You picked the perfect papers!

  4. LOL you make me laugh!!!! cute, cute pics and Love the LO!!!


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