Monday, March 5, 2012

I was soooo hoping to feel better

by now, but alas, I'm still coughing, and hacking.
 Stuffy with headaches.
 And generally annoyed and tired.
I'm not happy here.
And when mama's not happy
nobody's happy.
It's a gift.


  1. LOL Lynn, love those pictures, they work perfectly with your post. So sorry you're not feeling well, hoping the get well fairies visit you soon.

  2. Yeah, that's kinda the way things work in this house too, Lynn. I hope you feel better soon!

  3. LOL I am the same way, if I am not feeling well, everyone better watch out.

  4. Hey, I went through that and thought it would never end but it did!!! Get better.

  5. Oh Lynn, sorry you are still feeling sick. Seems to be going around, we have been coughing around here for several weeks. Get better soon!

  6. oh man~I was hoping your were well by now. Have you ever heard of Elderberry tincher~you get it at whole foods or some health foods stores. It really helps with upper resp. infections~with me I can usually stop a trip to the Dr if I start taking immediately. Get well friend!!!

  7. Amazing photos, Lynn! Hope you feel better soon!


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