Monday, March 12, 2012

Posted two new hubs for your reading enjoyment...

I really do enjoy writing them more than I thought. The first one is about creating mini-albums. I love doing them, they are fun and easy. So Create, fun colorful mini albums is one I hope you enjoy.

The second one is in a "know it all" contest. The question was asked what games parents can play at home with their kids to promote learning. Well my brother and I learned to play cribbage around a generational table of fun.....Cribbage its all about counting. It also promoted some amazing memories.

Please remember to vote up on both, and there is a comments section as well. I appreciate your support.


  1. Btw...what exactly IS Hub pages? Is it like a collective blog or just a voting system? What would be the purpose behind putting your posts there instead of on your own blog? I 'm just curious...I know nothing about it!


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