Sunday, March 11, 2012

Maddawg's Madcap Mayhem

and Challenge!
I was moved to slap paint on some white cardstock.
I was moved to use tags, punches, flowers and buttons.
I was moved to use random-ness in the title and journaling.
Basically all the challenges from ScrapNChat are on my page.
In full disclosure I had been set back last week battling a cold 
using mucinex and snorting saline like a junky.
I can do drug induced creatitivy.
White cardstock is making me swoon.
And the paint. Just picked at random.
I don't know much about the photo except who is in it,
the date, which my gram wrote on the back and that
it was Mother's day. And my grandpop took the photo
with his poloroid that he was so proud of.
This page just evolved 
over the course of acouple of days. 
And the little owl??
 That was part of the gift from the baby shower for the new
Murphy grandbaby.
Love it.

Journaling:  I'm thinking we may be somewhere around the Delaware water gap. I'm wearing my favorite outfit. Pretty heavy clothes for a picnic in May. Or not. Even my favorite headband and finally "allowed" to let my hair grow out. My brother and I were close. I liked that. I was 13 years old.

Recollections cardstock, my mind's eye, basic grey, pink paislee, office tags, making memories paint.


  1. your layout is divine!! love it!

    *snorting saline like a junkie...LOLOLOL

  2. I'm glad you were moved by all of these things, Lynn, because this layout is awesome!

  3. ohhh Lynn, I totally love your layout! amazing!!!

  4. Lynn...this turned out awesome! What an awesome challenge!

  5. Aw Lynn, what a gorgeous "slapped together" page, you truly know how to make those pages come together. Me, my mojo is on strike again, ugh, hoping that looking at pages like yours will help to move me a bit in the direction of scrapping again.

  6. LLOOOOOOOOK AT YOUUUUUU outta control scrappy slapping!! Saline junkie LOL

    I am so glad that you got so moved - because this turned out AWESOME!!

  7. don't know how mised this darling Lo!!!!

  8. good for you!! your layout looks great!


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