Monday, March 26, 2012

Got a couple of challenges going on....

This first one is a B&W challenge with a burst of color.
Of course I did it backwards. 
Now that stupid spellbinder flower gave me fits
and a punctured finger.
It's an intricate die, and it took a few times running it through
to get it out of the die. First I used my tweezer bees, hence the stabbed finger.
I called my LSS in frustration and they were totally helpful.
Use a small crochet needle to get it out.
Which I did, however, you have to be careful with that as well.
Sigh. NOT happy with spellbinders.
Recollections cardstock and basic grey.
 The second challenge is Maddawg's Madcap.
Break out your foam stamps, paint and rubons.
I chose rubon alphas. bwahahahaa.
K & Company papers - love them.


  1. I hate when things stick in the dies or punches!

  2. love black and white witha splash of color ~ not so much rub-ons. Your Lo's are fantastic as always!!!

  3. Ouchie on the finger! Great projects though! Love Penny

  4. Glad you persevered through your technical issue, Lynn, because the LO is fantastic! Love the second one too!

  5. Great pages, Lynn :)

    Sorry to read about your injury.

    Spellbinders dies with intricate cuts, issues of sticking will happen on some. What I do is use wax paper between the die and paper. Hope that helps next time :)


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