Wednesday, February 15, 2012

It's challenge time over at Moments

And the heritage challenge is about heroes!
And I found one in our family. 
Which doesn't surprise me.
Uncle George the adreneline junkie who passed that
on to my kidlets.
I'm going to just proceed onto the journaling
because it just says it all.
Journaling: Uncle George enlisted in the Army right oout of high school and became part of the 17th Airborne division because it paid $75 more a month. His division entered the Aredennes Campaign from January 4-9 at the Battle of Dead Man's Ridge (WWII Battle of the Bulge). On January 7th he sustained wounds in his shoulder and back and was sent to England to recover, where he re-enlisted. He served a total of 8 years.


  1. Great layout and what a way to preserve those memories! I have a ton of military photos I need to work on! Love Penny

  2. Fabulous old pictures! What wonderful memories to scrap!


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