Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Maniacal Monday strikes again

It was more maniacal because it was a long
drawn out process.
Picking the pix to go with the perfect challenge.
Well alas, love me some Amelia 
and no matter what, the pix of her makes me smile.
 Coincindentally, the One Little word of the day - was Smile.
And then April's journaling challenges. 
It was 10 things I love about _______.
Of course its my awesome husband. Of course I hate
these 10 things about whatever, because
my brain always goes dead after the first 3.
It's not that I don't love lists. 
My brain just fizzles.
However, a 10 things I love about YOU - perfect
for Valentines Day. Hopefully you love
what I love about you. Snort.
Maniacally, is the key. Sometimes it works.
Sometimes it don't.


  1. I get stuck on those top 10 lists too and sort of fizzle out after a couple. LOL! Love the sweet Amelia LO and the pretty girl colors (and the big circle). The design on your top 10 LO is great too with the big numbers running down the side and great use of white space (or should I say kraft space, LOL!)

  2. Love your layouts Lynn. I am the same way with lists! You did a great job though!

  3. These are super cute~really like the numbers down the side and that font is so cool!!!! LOVE IT!!!!

  4. Totally agree with you about listing down...sigh. Great page esp. like the numbers on the side - very cool!

  5. Love your layouts! Very nice work. and your blog title...big chuckle...so true :)


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