Friday, February 3, 2012

My foray into the world of ATC cards

Was not a good experience.
I was such a klutz yesterday. And it wasn't pretty.
I managed to fling gesso all over mini-me's keyboard.
Which caused wide spread panic and fear.
Then misting....normally I love misting.
I even practiced misting.
And then I squeezed and blasted my arm, my new nails
and the poor card. OMG! I wanted a light mist!! What I got was this.
I decided to post it as a this is not what to do.
So here's my first and possibly last attempt.


  1. Oh gosh, Lynn! Sorry you had a bad crafting day. I've had days like this too. Of course it doesn't help that I'm misting impaired and can't get light coverage for the life of me. LOL!

  2. Well I love how it turned out!!!! :) I get very messy sometimes too.

  3. We are our own worse critics,lol. Consider it a begining, I love it!

  4. never got into this~yours looks great!!!!

  5. i have had more misting mistakes then i care to ever admit...i had to have our table refinished because of mist!

    i love how it came out...great colors!

  6. Actually I love it!!!


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