Friday, February 10, 2012

Sea World Part 2

The dolphin were still hopping and bopping the next day.
They run in pods and within the pods they had pals
they hung out with. It was kind of neat to see.
They were just like kids. Splashing,
having fun together and being outrageous.
 I just love this one of Shamu. 
Not a great one, but fun...
 This is the view 300 feet in the air. 
Any of you know I'm height challenged.
However, I braved this ride below, that twirled about
10 minutes in a 360 turn that rose like a 
corkscrew and then reversed.
It was fun, and as long as I kept my eyes on the horizon,
I was good to go.
And I had to be brave for the little kids riding.
 Found the sea lions and seals playing king of the rock.
They were fun and noisy. And because
you can feed them, total beggars and posers.
 They had these parrots posing in the "critter" encounter
area, and they were just beautiful.
 I loved the dolphin and whale show and in the midst 
of the show they let parrots fly and  they do buzz
your head. And then they turn loose this guy
I love birds of prey, they have such attitude and I was so surprised the first
day he flew over my head, I wasn't fast enough to get the pix.
So I went back to the show. 
This was the only good pix I caught. Sadly.
Which shows I need more practice. 
And that's ok- But there are times that even
auto isn't good enough.


  1. Looks like your going to be taking the Tram in the White Mountains with us! Happy your getting some heights practice in :-D Great pics!

  2. awww.. Lynn, looks like you are having a great time!!! :)
    great action shots of the dolphins and whale!!!
    Thanks for sharing :-)
    Sylvia xx
    PS: Thanks for the congrats but the result is: I did NOT make the team *lol*


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