Sunday, February 26, 2012

I had the most amazing time in NJ

Staying with my favorite DSSD and DSIL. They opened their home and gave me their kidlets. I had the best time bonding with Annie and Owen, they are smart, they are personable, and they are totally adorable. I had a great time choo-chooing with Owen. He has a wonderful imagination, a great vocabulary and can charm the socks off of each foot on a catipillar - simultaneously. He is totally game. Annie is sooo sweet and snuggly and is always down for a good hug, chomping down on a book and just sitting back as she watches all the chaos. I didn't get many pictures as I was in on the action. And that to me was da bomb. As a scrapbooker I can always do a story and slap a photo on it, because when you get down to it; its all about the story. 
I felt bad that sweet Annie girl didn't feel well. She'll be sporting a new tooth I'm thinking for all the sniffles she was going through, and I'm glad she felt well enough to bond with me for a little while in time. Owen was all good, like we weren't separated by 1200 miles. It was a good feeling, and makes me all emotional, which I'm not apologizing for. You peeps just have to deal with it. And tomorrow when I have to say goodbye, well, I'm a grandmother and I can do what I want and you'll just have to deal with the fallout. Which won't be pretty. You have been warned upfront. Because while I want to stay, I have to go. I'm soooo glad I had this experience and hopefully I wasn't too dorky that they'll be okay with inviting me again. And in being in full disclosure, when you invite me, know full well that I'll so accept.  I'll try NOT to be a PIA. Grandparents, however, can claim that option with no repercussions. I heard that somewhere so it must be true. I'm so going with it. 


  1. all I can say is adorable and they grow up way to fast!!!

  2. Aw Lynn, they are simply adorable and of course it's a grandmothers perogative to making funny noises, hug and kiss them until giggle, and you're even allowed to be a little dorky, that's what makes great memories.

  3. cutie pies! i can see why you love your time there!

  4. lucky you!! Your grandchildren are beautiful!


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