Thursday, September 29, 2011

More to Old Town than meets the eye....

Cruising down San Diego Blvd.
 I went into b&w mode because I just had to.
There are amazing old graves
 that have stories.
 Sadly most in buried there were very young.
 And the graves are protected by these fences.
 And even though there are no graves beyond the
1800's, seeing chilcren and baby graves
still break your heart.
There were modern stuffed animals and toys
on them.

This is the Morman Battalion and not at all what 
I thought it would be.
It's an interactive movie/story of the mormon's march
to California. Its really an amazing story.

Then perched right next to the Morman  Battalion is
Heritage Park.
 And these beautiful victorian style houses and
below a Jewish Temple.
 I was a bit annoyed that as beautiful as they are
they were not open.
 I could've spent all day wandering around inside had
there been furnishings.

 The grounds are beautiful and I can imagine
families sitting outside enjoying them.
 The detail on the porches and railings are amazing.
Evidently these are being renovated to be
bed and breakfasts.


  1. More fabulous photos! And I love those houses! I want a house like that! :)

  2. I love stuff like this~I'm like you would loved have gone through the est. and houses!

  3. I love that you went through the cemetery. I have done that on several occasions. And I agree there is a sadness when you do it.

  4. Oh wow! LOVE the houses - great pictures. I would have love to see the insides too. TFS :)

  5. awesome pics...beautiful houses!

  6. Oh Lynn, these photos are so awesome. My husband and I always stop and walk through old cemeteries like that. I love the houses. How cool it would be to walk in them, huh?

  7. FABULOUS JOB!!! Wish I was in the camera bag with very jealous am I ;)


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