Wednesday, September 14, 2011

I rock the phillips head screwdriver!!

These babies took a couple of hours to assemble with
minor bloodshedding.
I was using the tweezer bees to remove a decorative
do-dad cover because I had the cube upside 
down and the drawers were wonky and stabbed my thumb.
Right now these babies are 50% off at Michal's
and they tuck quite nicely under my credenza.
Sadly I had visions of cardstock in one 
and patterned paper in the other. 
 *Let's all take a minute and laugh hysterically.*


  1. Great job! A project is never complete without some minor bleeding. LOL!

  2. Well you did a good job, they look great!

  3. Good for you! You do rock the phillips!

  4. You rock. I usually play dumb and let hubby be the hero. :)


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