Friday, September 23, 2011

I Dog-earred page 20 in the Oct 2011 of CK Mag..........

and used it as the inspiration for my page "So Big." Okay, so Annie's not quite aware that she's all that with the "so big" gesture, but her laid back, relaxed position is perfect. Only the young can strike a pose like that and actually sleep.

If I slept in a pose like that all my appendages would be wailing in agony and I'd be curled in the fetal position harmonizing.
Oh to be young.

Cloud 9 was perfect for this and I think this line can be determined as stash. Added a couple of stamps, punches and QK spicy chicken. I love that font.

As you may know, or not, I have issues with depth perception. The hardest part, was when I whacked
the strips, some of them were not straight. Hard to believe I know, especially when I used a trimmer.
As a result, the strips are wonky and some finessing was


I just loved the overall look of the original page. All the embelleshments are perfect touches. Artist: Nicole Pomeroy.

I'll be going back to the mag as I have A LOT more dog-earred pages where that came from.


  1. Great layout Lynn! I love it when I dog ear a lot of pages in a magazine! :)

  2. Love that layout! I have lots of dog ears on my mags too. So much great inspiration!

  3. I was just leafing through that issue last night so I know exactly what layout you are referring too. DOn't you love some inspiration and how adorable is that little photo!

  4. That is a fab LO and I too have no idea how babies can sleep in that position :) It is a beautiful page in the mag too.

  5. wow cloud 9 ~ thats a blast from my past:):) I might even have some of it!! Adoarable Lo's ~ you always do such a good job :)

  6. Your layouts are always so fun to look at. If I slept in that position, I, too, would be in a lot of pain upon waking.

  7. lol had to laugh at your " hard to imagine after using my trimer the strips not being straight" that cracks me up! Love your take! and u r using pink! woohooo!

  8. i loved that layout also! i always her out the pages i like and i have a binder with all of the inspiration! :D

  9. LOVE IT!!! I kind of ache just thinking of sleeping like this. my shoulders and back would be useless for like...3 weeks or so HAHAHAHAHAHA


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