Thursday, September 8, 2011

Home again Home Again

This is not what we flew home on.
However it would've been a cool ride.

WW II Warbirds giving rides at the shore.

Flying and riding in these birds wasn't for sissies.

They are totally bare bones.
You can sit in the gunner's seat if you choose.

I'd totally wet my pants because I'm whimpy that way.

We didn't ride because it was $2100 per person.
Worth every penny I'm sure. 
We didn't have that many pennies.
But admiring it from afar....
That we could do!!!


  1. Wow Lynn...very cool stuff! Love seeing your day to day happenings! Your water color journal is awesome!

  2. pics, but I could never do that. Even if I didn't get motion sickness, I could never pay that much money for it! But love the pics! :)

  3. Woooah! That is a LOT of pennies. But it does look like a once in a lifetime kind of experience. I imagine just watching was a hoot as well.

  4. Those are very cool but I agree that is a TON of money. Great picture though!

  5. Those photos look like they could have been taken back in the day. Very cool!


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