Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Well ....(deep subject)

what started out as let's keep it easy; find a photo - maybe a quote or three  upload to the old blog so you know I'm still here because the mojo has totally left the building,  evolved into a major safari photo hunt.

Why you ask?

Well you'd think it'd be easy. Sadly there are many ways because I'm all about organization. Snort.

I keep them in a file aptly named, most of the time. They can only be in one of 19384193849349348 places as I have two computers my regular one and a laptop that travels with me; on trips and inside the house because well its convenient to use in my chair and on the lanai. SOOOOOO I just need to remember of course, which one any given phot its on. Of course wirelessly bound, I can surf back and forth.  And then there are the 3-4 photo editing packages where of course certain photos are uploaded because really, why keep them in just ONE, then there are a couple of external terabyte drives and the DH's Macdaddy is in the mix because that's the BIG back up. Nothing painful about that.


Heavy Sigh.

So now I'm trying to ROUND them all up. Move them to ONE external drive. Make sure ALL 4 library photos are in there. AND on DH's drive.

To save for posterity. pulling hair out upset smiley

on a side note: In the course of putting this post together, I went out to the smiley place to get some smileys just to add to the writings because they do well make you smile and managed to download a virus or 81. MAC was all over it in a heartbeat and cleaned it up quickly. Whew! The above smiley was NOT among the infected (different site). Beware NOT ALL SMILEYs are cute and adorable. Oh and to get them to move you neeeeeed the HTML version, what I downloaded were not.

So as you end a sentence please use your own imagination as to what cute adorable little smiley would've have made you laugh, snort or just smile. Thank you!


  1. thats a big job you are attempting~ and thanks for the virus warning!

  2. I am pointing and laaaaaaughing....that's the smilie I want. Hate viruses (or is it viri??? *snort*)

  3. Your smilie is exactly how my head felt the other day


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