Monday, June 6, 2011

After stalking the UPS man

who's feet barely touched the ground before
I was snatching my box right out of his hands.
My lens. *Swoon*
I missed my baby.
It's a Tamron 18-270 that wouldn't auto focus
So I had to send it back which they did have a pretty 
good turnaround. Patience grasshopper! 
Snort. As if.
 So after I had my lens.
The stalking of wildlife commenced.
And this female anahinga was
the only living thing out there.
In the wilds.
But she is pretty. 
And blends
in nicely with her surroundings.
Because of my stealthy ninja techniques.
And long lens.
She had no idea I was capturing
her preening a posing.
Wondering if I need a model's release.


  1. Gasp! Not sure how I would get along without my lens! Sounds like all is well now.

  2. I love your photos of wildlife. They're really good! Thanks for sharing them, and I'm glad you got your lens back!


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