Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Manic Monday...................

Wasn't very manic, however, this one just says it all.
It's too funny and I couldn't resist.
My DH is the one in the oversized jacket.
He was lamenting did they really dress him like this.
Um...honey, this is pretty much proof. LMAO....
I was having trouble getting it all in.
With the help of my virtual scrapping pal April
in which I totally jacked the blurb and title
she  spewed out. Which is annoying
because I always over think. Sigh!!!
Anyway, her wicked sense of humor
pulled it all together.
And I get to take the credit. 
Even though this is a "heritage" page, you can still have fun with it. They don't all neeeeed to be formal and stiff. I used Kaiser Kraft which I love, of course distressed with ink and tearing, but the arrow - is like the cherry on top. I used the journal font because it's fun and funky and heritagy. Win-win!!! Do NOT be afraid to do an "old" photo with a twist. Keeps it fresh and fun!!! 


  1. So true! Heritage pages can be any style you want it to be. That photo is too funny. So glad you were able to document it! :)

  2. I love working with old pic's mine just aren't very good LOL. Love this Lynn!!!

  3. Gorgeous page, love the title and pic.

  4. LOL it's nice to have one over on the hubby. I love your layout. I agreendo heritage photos in a bright unique way and use your "heritage" paper for today's photos!

  5. Love those papers with that totally cute photo.

  6. love how you scrapped the heritage photo, which is adorable! love their clothing:)

  7. That is very cool, I'm so going to start doing heritage pages!

  8. I am SOOOOOO excited to be mentioned again - you're welcome for the borrowing of my journaling spewing forth LOL Glad it could land somewhere productive!

    Rock on with the heritage chickie as always :)

  9. I just LOVE vintage/heritage photo layouts! Beautiful!!

  10. Beautiful layout! This is gorgeous!


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