Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Just another Manic Monday *in a sing song voice*

because that's what we do at Moments!
Have a little fun.
Get a little done!
Total win-win with getting the layouts done!
The WILD ones. 
Took a road trip with 
the Hubs and went to the ZOO.
As in by myself.
I had a blast. 
I enjoyed the kidlets. They were fun.
Because they weren't mine, I could walk away.
It wasn't crowded so I could practice/play and get shot.
All shots were done with ambient light/NO flash!
And playing and playing and playing.
With minimum/to NO cropping or photoshopping.
I love that as a photographer I'm evolving.
It was ALL manual.
Can I say PLEASED???? LOL!
Tanya and I finally met LIVE and IN PERSON. 
It is such a thrill to meet someone that you 
know as a really good friend on line.
And that friend is as sweet in person as they are on line.
And her family-was a sweet as she described in her pages.
She made me feel that I was family.
What a gift and it was sooooo cool!
AND this was a "recipe" challenge at Moments.
I cheated on the green paper.
Works for me! Snort.


  1. little thrills~lov'in that!!wish i could get off of auto~ lol!! loved the
    l o's!!

  2. Fabulous layouts Lynn. How cool that you could go to the zoo and focus on your photography!

  3. Great layouts! I hardly ever shoot on manual...I need to do that more.

  4. Great layouts Lynn! Fun to meet an online friend eh? That moment when you get together for the first time, and feel like you know them so well... yet they are so strange to be seen in front of you. Fun stuff.

  5. This comment has been removed by the author.

  6. Those zoo pics are awesome, and how cool that you went to the zoo by yourself! And how AWESOME that you met Tanya! So jealous!

  7. YAY you!! Fabby layout...your shots are gorgeous. I LOVE the zoo.

  8. WOW! You've done soooooo well with the photos!! :)
    I am totally and completely jealous of the non-virtual meeting...so there's your green :)

  9. Love those pages ... and even better the fact that you and I are in one of the photos. It was so cool getting to meet you and your gorgeous son and daughter in law, and of course the baby was simply adorable. We'll have to get together again next time you're in the area, just let me know, oh and bring April with yah, then they'll be no "green".


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