Sunday, June 26, 2011

Had a blast at the Moments online crop

The challenges were fun and there were many!
These are the few I did complete as we 
had some action going on ourselves.
This first I completed was a MAZE book. 
What an adorable gift idea. No bigger than about 4x4.
 The inside was a tricky (for ME) because its all about
the cutting and folding which I had to do
Because that's how I roll.
(I follow directions sooooooooooooo well)
 This next one was a lift and I just loved this old photo of
DH's great grandmother. Websters' paper just
added to her beauty. Wish I knew more
about her.
 Because my BFF April decided to head on out of town
I jacked her challenge with my own,
All in good fun. I challenged to do a 6x12
in ice cream colors.
AND I did the cherish the "OLD" photo challenge
and did a photo of my Gram's prized
possessions which are now in MY 
possession. And
they are still cherished.
 And below was a sketch challenge and is my take. 
Again, a photo of DH's past that I couldn't
resist. His great grandfather chasing 
the American dream and opening his own
plumbing business by purchasing an
old firehouse and living above
his business With a wife and 6 kids.
They were soooooooo interesting and my DH's 
great grandmother took in people
that needed a roof and fed those that were hungry.
What a wonderful lady. 
It was a fun time and hopefully you can
pop in and have fun with us next time!!!!


  1. Wow - productivity!! All beautiful works of art. You were busy, lady. Thanks for sharing your many talents with us.

  2. They were all outstanding!!! I especially love the last LO! Thanks for playing!

  3. Awesome job with those gorgeous challenges Lynn .... of course I wouldn't expect anything less, your pages and projects always make me smile. Sur wish I could have played along at "the moments" but I just didn't have all day or even a bit of time really. Maybe next tiem instead of posting each challenge separately they'll post them all at once and which would allow people more of a chance to work on the ones that appeal to them the most and when they can throughout the day ... makes more sense time wise to me ... just a suggestion you know, I'm full of those lately, but not much else.

  4. Looks like you got a lot done! And it's all great! :)

  5. Oh, I love online crops. You got some wonderful stuff done. It's all beautiful!

  6. WoW!!!I love it all ~ great job!!


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