Thursday, June 23, 2011

A sort of Haiku in a layout...

My mom took this rather artistic shot
of my dad. (I'm shocked mom barely got heads in)
I don't know anything more about this photo.
Not even where, and of course dad is clueless 
(insert eyeroll) lol!
As this would have been mom's story and I wanted
a bit more than a title and the word dad, I 
decided to create a sort of  Haiku then have it flow into the title.
A Haiku is Japenese poetry that doesn't rhyme.
It has 3 lines. This isn't a true Haiku
because it doesn't mention a season.
It should have 17 syllables.
So okay mine has 15, I got the 3 lines right!
AND the NO rhyming part.
I used my new 7 Gypsies paper, Teresa Collins transparency,
QK Spicy Chicken.


  1. It is lovely Lynn~thanks for enlighting me on a haiku!

  2. Fantastic layout! I love how you did the haiku!

  3. love it!!! those colors are amazing together.

  4. Beautiful!! Craftastic, even!

  5. it! And that picture is cool! :)

  6. I love you...I love this...*sigh* Love. and I mean it.

  7. Wow ... gorgoeus photo and the scrapping you've done is perfect for it. Love the colors and the font ... PERFECT!!!


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