Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Heritage challenge at Moments!

Come on over to Moments and join in the new
round of challenges for this month.
Mine is the heritage challenge and here is goes.
Basically find a photo with no people in it, and write 
about the items in the photo that stir your memories.
I saw this polaroid, and knew my grandpop
had to have taken it.
I didn't if my gram was speedy enough to get out
of the finder range OR grandpop
was being creative.
But the focal point seems to be her big honkin purse 
right smack dab on the table.
Oh, and there's the cat (Spooky) in the window.
And then there's her "kitchen".
So being the decisive person that I am.
I talked about them all.
All 7 gypsies paper & embellies, lilybeedesigns flower.
I did bullet statements but may go back and add more.
Grandpop took the photo with his polaroid.
Gram loved antiques.
She saved a lot of buffalo nickels to remodel her kitchen.
She always carried a big handbag and a special one for Sundays.
She loved her cat and always made sure he had a spot in the window.
She loved her round table and chairs. I did too and they're in my kitchen.
Her china cabinet was never dusty.


  1. I think it is so much fun all of the things you noticed in that one photo. I love to do that too.

  2. So interesting! Love the layout, as usual....you do good work. :)

  3. This is so pretty! Love the Lily Bee flower:)

  4. wow, that paper on top is amazing!! love your layout


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