Thursday, June 16, 2011

Ashes in the wind.........

So what do you do when you are on vacation
and the weather is less than stellar.
Take the pictures anyway.
 After all you are a scrapper and you'll tell the story in your journaling.
Right? Right!
Because sometimes its the stuff that goes wrong,
that makes it perfect.
Because of the dry weather and careless people
wildfires have broken out in Georgia 
and parts of Jacksonville.
Prevailing winds are sending ash, heat and smoke
down the coast and into the city.
 Which makes it difficult to breath, see and take photos.
 So what does a traveler, sightseer, photographer to do?
 Go with what ya got.
I took the shots. And adjusted.
Played with settings.
Used ambient light. 
 Some of the lousy weather deterred some people.
Which works for me because for some reason
people don't see you standing there
with a camera and big honking lens
and get in your way.
Worse than drivers pulling out in front of you
and stopping.
(Back on topic). lmao.........
I'm really pleased with the shots.
Do I wish it was the perfect sunny day? 
Well doh!
However, I enjoyed the challenge.
And played.


  1. one of them is not straight ~ oops! JK they look great! I bet that was so interesting~

  2. WELL I LIKE IT!!!! You've been SOO busy!! Now get home and start scrappin stuff chickie ;)

  3. A favorite photo op for me when we travel is lighthouses so I am loving that photo.

  4. They look pretty darned good to me!


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