Thursday, May 26, 2011

Your day will come.....

I just love this photo of Owen.
Relaxed and looking more like a little boy
than a toddler.
The jouraling reads "take it slow and ease us into it."
It goes by sooooooooooo fast.
And soon he's gonna be the big brother!
I embraced my inner April for this one.
I glimmermisted and alchohol ink misted.
I painted and masked.
I got messy.
I had fun! 
You should try it. 

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  1. You were busy with this layout and it turned out great! Loads of techniques - very cool!

  2. Love getting messy. :) Great layout!

  3. Great misting, love that cog!!

  4. Adorable layout!!! You are much braver than I am. (I generally avoid anything that makes a mists! LOL!)

    That photo is so cute!!


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