Sunday, May 15, 2011

At Scraping the Moments the first AND the 15th Challenges

are rendered.
UP to you to take them on.
The gauntlet has been thrown.
Don't make me double-dog dare ya!! LMAO!!
My challenge is all about the Heritage.
So this is my baby brother. All dressed up (remember you dressed up for every event)
 for a bizarre at our elementry school.
He was too stinkin' cute. Really.
THE CHALLENGE: Find a photo of you/or someone in elementary school
(or if you have NONE, find a school photo-work with me here)
And scrap about what is was like back in the day 
when YOU or (if you have someone else's story) went to school.
JOURNALING TIP: I started my journaling with the phrase
"I remember". Covers a lot of CRS. bwahaha !!!
(Can't remember errr STUFF).
A SIDE COMMENT: I look at school/teaching NOWADAYS and think
maybe back in the day was not only WAY better
but probably should be revisited.

If you take the challenge link me up in comments and I'd love to see your work!


  1. I got you!!!! created a masterpiece which I am loading to moments momentarily (hahahahahaha)

    YOu're right though - he really was so stinkin cute ;)

  2. really cute Lo!! I know what you mean about the I can't remember~

  3. Love your layout! Fun challenge too! :)

  4. Precious layout! Love the vintage, nostalgic feel to it. Beautifully done. Wish I had the nerve to start scrapping again, dang it.

  5. That is the perfect setting for your great photo! I have some of those I need to get scrapped and you have inspired me!


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