Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Challenges and my ADHD ways....................

Have you ever been on a search mission for that certain photo
and end up stacking up every other photo you find
for future scrapping except the one you
really wanted?
 As I was plowing through the wayback boxes in search of just ONE photo
for my heritage challenge, which I didn't find, I stumbled upon these postcards from
my cousin Steve, who sent them to me from Germany.
The CHALLENGE at MOMENTS was to do a layout with a postcard.
Being an overacheiver, he sent several, I couldn't pick one
So I made a pocket page.
Bazzill, creative imaginations, prima, michael's ribbon.
Stumbled over this one too.  Uncle Harold was the KING of
train platforms and all things railroad. Aunt
Florence designed the mountains and all the floral and fauna.
You didn't have to wait for Christmas at their house.
It was set up ALL the time.
I always envied their kids. Not only did they get ALL
that talent in the family, but they could admire
and sometimes engineer the trains.
It was an ENTIRE village, with working parts, like a rocket,
a circus, farms and loading and unloading the trains.
Bazzill, office depot tag, mm brads, label, unk clock, mme, dyanamo label and cosmo cricket.


  1. love the pocket page!! I look at it all of your stuff is together and in one place~right! Great work!!

  2. ooooooooooooooooooooooo....the pocket page is just cool!! Glad you got so much done - I got nada LOL

  3. These are fantastic! I especially love the two pager--those always stump me!

  4. I do that all the time! Kind of fun to get lost in it all!


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