Monday, May 23, 2011

Twas a less than Manic in the Monday today....

Even though the manic was missing,
I did get a page or two done.(Need to photo the other one).
Love Nikki Silvis and it rocked this photo.
Christopher and Connor.
They are getting so big and adorable.
Nothing special technique-wise unless you count chalking.
A total flash from the past. 
The clouds were Chalked the clouds so you
wouldn't know my fussy cutting is less than stellar.
And then I got carried away and chalked the title - Here fishy fishy. LOL!


  1. Welllllllllllllll the maniac actually left the building hahahahhahaha I was gone for a while, right? I LOOOOOVE the clouds (less than stellar LOL)...Nikki S suits you! you rocked it as per the usual :)

  2. Love the big ol' flowers...and of course, chalking the clouds looks pretty good! Would never have guessed your fussy cutting was off. LOL.

  3. I agree with April Love the clouds and I know about kids growing up to fast:(!!


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