Thursday, May 19, 2011

Got some scrappin' in ..............

This one was a sketch for Sketchy Thursday!
It was fun to do. 
Came across this photo while plowing through
boxes looking for a photo I never found.
This is my boy Shane way too many years ago,
just having fun.
Which is what he does best. 
Kaiser, Elsie star, QK ck newsclip & starts, Jenni Bowlin journaling circle.
 This one took 3 forevers to complete.
Couldn't think of a title.
Forgot what was going on in the photo.
Finally it all worked out.
Pink Paislee, Cosmo Cricket tiny type.
It was a beautiful day,
although my hawk taunted me.
By landing just close enough but NOT QUITE using my
canon 18-55 lens.
That hawk KNEW my other lens was in the shop.
He swooped, he preened, he posed.
And all I got was a little dot in a tree or on the ground.


  1. I hope that feathered pal of yours is kind to you today LOL
    I LOVE love LOVE this layout - the journaling circle (jealous me) - the stars, the red color - and he is an adorable lunatic ;) just like his momma
    (I'm sure he'll LOVE to hear that)

  2. Ooh, great layouts. And glad you were able to think of a title for that first one. Sure can be annoying when nothing comes to mind. :) Blessings,

  3. wow, Lynn~ really cute one ~ love that star and stars ~they are both adorable girl!!!

  4. Great layouts! Love the stars :)

  5. LOVE that first layout. (Second one is good, too, but the first one really speaks to me!)

    Sorry I haven't been around this week...took some time away from bloggy land to visit with my daughter. Trying to get caught up now.

  6. Love your layouts! especially the star one! and I had to giggle about the hawk...figures right? hopefully you get him again soon!


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