Monday, November 1, 2010

If you recall OR not. LOL!!!! Back in June

I challenged myself to put together a mini album with just a glue stick, a pair of scissors and whatever I could find while roaming the great state of California. The link to refresh your memory.

I really loved the result - which was very rustic to be sure, but fun. Even DH helped find assorted memoralbilia.

So, we are headed for the Bahamas - yeah I know, how awesome is that. So I challenged myself yet
again. I found that on the Cali trip I wished for pop dots just to add some dimension, so I included them with my glue stick and scissors, then I thought about ink and some embellies and decided I'm getting outta control.

So while my brain was going crazy I decided to put togehter the basic book, and then just add stuff. So this is the result. 7 gypsies round album, scenic route and quickutz and rubons and away I went. Really i don't stamp well. however, my bad for adding the stamping AFTER i put the lumpy
stuff on. lmao....its just how I roll.So here's my SIMPLE little album I'm gonna do on the fly (just a couple random pages). lmao.......

Honestly once I got rolling it just came together which is why I find that pesky little wedding album that is giving me fits ANNOYING. AWWWW its time will come.


  1. Wow, have a great trip!! I'm jealous!

  2. i loooove this!!!! so cool

    have fun!

  3. OH WoW! I really love this! It is so adorable!

  4. LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!! Can you make me one for Mexico???????? LOL It's gorgeous. Have a wonderful trip. You deserve it.

  5. This is wonderful! It is hard to really see the little details but what I can see at so neat and your little album turned out great.

  6. This is so cute. It turned out great.
    Sounds like a fun trip.

  7. Wow ... another awesome project, you truly do know how to put it all together don't cha! Love this one girlie.

  8. this going to be just perfect with the photos from above. have you put them in yet? love the circle shape...always so hard for me to do. Thanks for the sweet comment on my blog, your kind words made my day.
    xoxo sam


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