Wednesday, November 24, 2010

The wedding album that sat on my desk

taunting and jeering me for MONTHS, is finally completed. Sheesh. I couldn't make any decisions. AND Of course I had to find the perfect paper. which is.............Bo Bunny. Love it. I hope she likes purple. LOL! Not that the entire wedding wasn't done in purple. whew *wiping brow*.
Then I couldn't decide on the adhesive, silly I know. Went with Cheetah 2 by Xyron and ran out in the middle of said project which was now on a deadline of course. 5 days before leaving for NJ for the Murphy Thanksgiving Extravaganza!! Luckily DH to the rescue driving me ALL the way to Sarasota because the local M's didn't have it in stock. Of course.
Then I couldn't decide black and white or color. Being the decisive person that I am I went with BOTH. bwahahaha!
THEN, since I only had a couple pictures I deemed WORTHY, I had to WAIT until I received the photos from the OTHER photographers.
Then I needed a theme. Then I couldn't FIND said theme. Then I went with fly by the seat of my pants and it'll come together. Oh and Lara dances professionally, so I found by CI a transparency (?) that had a dance quote on it. Perfect. And a thicker transparency with butterflies, swooning here.
Sighing happily.OH this is the Bo Bunny Acryllic Edgy and I added some chipboard pages in to accomodate some extras.
From this moment on....................I hope they like it.


  1. oh lynn i love your mini album! that purple and green is so pretty! i don't think i have ever seen that line before--is it new? what is the name of it! great job!

  2. darling mini album, the colors are lovely and fresh

  3. OMG Lynn ... it turned out absolutely stunningly amazing ... who wouldn't love a work of art direct from your heart and hands. She'll treasure it, I know I would.

  4. oh they will LOVE this mini! you did a fabulous job on it. I love this line of BB too!

  5. I love the colors!!!! It turned out sooooooo beautiful! TFS!!!!! xoxo


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