Monday, November 8, 2010

Bahamas - On our own tour

Tom and I have a lot of fun adventuring on our own. This set of photos came out back-assward. So that's how we'll travel. We took a taxi over to Atlantis because we wanted to see the aquarium (or I did). Tom wanted to gamble. ON the way back we took the ferry. OMG! what a ride. I'm a sucker for old boats, tugs and shrimpers. Here is my souped up tug. YUM!And more and the awesome ocean liners behind them.
This quaint little home was on the water and the rustic-ness of it sang to me.
Here is the skyline view of the Atlantis and its HUGE and about to get BIGGER. Construction construction construction.
Taking shots in the tank was umm....a challenge. My SIL will be so proud of me - for the most part I went manual *GASP* I Know
Does the sting ray rock or what. I set my white balance, iso and the av. I'm just figuring this out so forgive me if I'm not quite on it.
Horse shoe crab on the bottom .
I flashed these poor babies becuase they came out like circles of light. Cool but I wanted to see jelly fish themselves.
Which is what happened to the Sea horses which are very cool BTW. Andy Warhol????
This was the start of the adventure.
Which OMG! was fun. We taxied over. As I mentioned the ferry back. The tide was out so getting on and off the boat - was um....well lets just say we had to be HAULED in and out. Sigh.


  1. love looking at all your cool photos!!!!

  2. Gorgeous pics!! so jealous of your trip!

  3. Great shots! Looks like a fun trip.

  4. Looks like an awesome trip! Great pics too!

  5. ok - first of all...I'm a bad friend to get so behind on all the fun you're posting! I loved catching up on all the wonderful pictures of the Bahamas!! certainly makes me wish for sand between my toes and a cool drink in my hand! LOL

  6. Amazing pics ... can't wait to see you scrap them all, I'm sure your pages will all be gorgeous.


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