Thursday, November 4, 2010

Lovely first day in the Bahamas

We had a late lunch out by the beach. The food was very good. While waiting, I decided to zip on down the beach and stick my feet in the water.Which is beautiful in colors and wet. bwahahaha!
And, to me, a bit on the cool side, however, it's perfect if your just laying out there getting all hot and tan.
Then the water is just right for cooling off! I'm thinking about donning my suit. There will be NO photos of that. Halloween is over. snort.


  1. love the photos and i'm a little jealous...i wanna be there! Glad you are having fun:)

  2. Not sure I will ever get there so I will need to live this one through you! Wonderful photos so far, I sure hope you share alot.

  3. enjoy your trip! Bahamas are so beautiful! Make sure you take a dip or two!

  4. I just love seeing your smiling face in some of the photos ... seahorses and sandcastles are wonderful too, but it's good to document "who" went there as well. LOL ... so happy you had such a great trip.


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