Monday, November 15, 2010

100% Cute

and absolutely adorable are the kidlets in this mini album. Sadly I had this mini for so long I can't tell you the mfg.

You get 8 little cards and the hardest part for me, especially since I wanted it to go back in the box, NO POP DOTS ALLOWED. A challenge!

Well, after painting, the box adding some Tim Holtz' grungeboard, I know you'll be surprised to know I had cutting and measuring issues. So
after whacking them puppies down, I used more paint to ummm.....cover up the measurement issues accent the edges. Ahem.....I digress

Broke out stamps I haven't used in awhile and some punches. And used the KISS method (keep it simple stupid). Snort.


  1. It looks so cute! I so need to do a couple of these.

  2. i love love the skull on the front!

  3. Love it... It's all boy and it's so tiny, makes me want to many an ultra mini!! THANKS FOR SHARING!

  4. You are the queen of mini's ... books that is, I don't know about the other kind of mini's though I'm sure your hubby would say you rock those too. LOL ... how did you like working with the grungeboard, I just ordered some grunge paper after seeing a video Jen McGuire did recently, it hasn't come yet, but I'm assuming it will be here this week, and I'll get to give it a go. Thanks for sharing all your awesome ideas with us Lynn.


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