Friday, June 18, 2010

Let me just say my DH totally rocks......

I know you've been waiting for this breathlessly......THE CHALLENGE! I threw this album in my suitcase with a glue stick, a pen. YESS!!! And for those of you that know me, KNOW that I throw everything but the kitchen sink on lo's. WELL. I had to use what I could come across to tell the story AND of course lots of journaling. I believe this will become one of my favorites.
And then we had lunch at Hodad's. What a yummy burger OMG! And its like half the cow. If you follow diner's drive ins and dives, this was a featured show and let me tell you GUY got this one right....
The ambience is funky and fun and so is the waitstaff. We had a very good time. Yeah there is some hang time in line but that's part of the experience.
Then my wonderfully awesome DH bought me a new lens for my camera. A Tamron 18-270 zoom with VC. F/3.5-6.3. Can we say I'm in love??? Yup w/both LOL!!! (So I have my old Tamron 28-300 for sale if you'd like to buy it). ANYWAY we went to Port Loma to shoot the vista and lighthouses. Yup. TWO. Got these up close and personal this time. Last time I was here, I snapped these from the whaling tour I took which of course boasted no whales, but I have a rain check. bwahahahaha!!!! Anyway the lens rocks and the photos came out awesome.

The view overlooks the naval base and the boys were busy doing flyovers and had battleships guarding the harbor. It's so very cool and thank you guys for keeping us safe. OOO OOO and Miramar is close by so you get to see the jets doin' their thing. Of course the airshow (and I LOVE those) is in October. Maybe I'll make it back for that.


  1. WoW ... just lots and lots of WoW. So happy for you with the new lens and the incredible trip you've had so far ... oh and that challenge book is amazing as usual girlie ... you totally rock.

  2. What a fun project - looks like you guys had a great time!

  3. ooh girl! I have so enjoyed your pictures!! You have captured your vacation so well I feel like I was with you! LOVE the idea of the album you put together! I think I may copy you and do that when we travel around NM next week! Brilliant idea!!! missed ya! xoxoxoxox

  4. What amazing photos, and that chlalenge book. Wow! I could never do that. Tanya said it rock!

  5. *sigh* sometimes I really don't like you.

    LOVE the idea of the new lens...LOVE the photos...the album idea is COOL and that's what I will do next time I leave home!

    Limits promote creative-out-of-the-box thinking!


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