Sunday, October 31, 2010

Really, I can be a glass half empty on certain

subjects. Especially long distance grandparenting. However, on the glass half full side. WEBCAM'G ROCKS!!!

Modern technology is such a blessing, allowing one to keep up the escapades of said LD grandparenting. The other night I had a blast with all 3 little guys. (Christopher's missing). I didn't realize I could SNAP a photo of them, till I accidently did it. Bwahahahaha!!! And now I know. So while they look adorable cute, I however, need one of those masks Jane Jetson (cartoon) used when she answered the (webcam) telephone, which was way ahead of their time
BTW, looking less than her best. However, all is well because kidlets are not as superficial and vain as me.

They were fun, funny and just outta control, and so was Grammy!
Thanks to the parents for making time to do it. Words can not express our appreciation.


  1. Webcams and Skype were the best inventions! :) Cute grandbabies!

  2. how fun! i know my in laws love skype when the go to arizona every winter. i am glad you got to see and have fun with your grandbabies. they are adorable!

  3. Good for you for keeping up with technology with your family! My mom doesn't even have (or want!) a computer!

  4. How cool! That is awesome, I am so happy for you Lynn!


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