Monday, May 15, 2017

I just love this paper

From Studio Calico and couldn't wait to use it.
It is just sooooo cool and the pencil scribbles
totally rock.
Something so simple but I wouldn't ever think of 
doing scribbles.
Mostly because I don't think my scribbles would be that cool.
 Which is silly because how can you screw up a scribble LOL.
I wanted to keep the embellishments down 
so the paper could be seen.
I also used some die cuts that I had made for a previous
page that didn't quite make it.
 Some wooden embellies and the A for Annie.
I decided that it would be cool as a "bathing, swimming, maybe
beachy" type paper and found Annie with the
perfect bathing suit.
The title is from Pink Fresh.


  1. Super~you rocked the embellishments!!!

  2. This is great. Is it vellum you used? It looks great. I do beg to differ. I can screw up a scribble. LOL You certainly didn't.

    1. No vellum and not my scribble. LOL.

  3. Oooo now thats different i likey😀


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