Tuesday, May 9, 2017

2nd Page for NSD-Another Easter page

I did hold this paper to use for the gang in
this photo because there is a girl in there and this
is seriously girly.
The boys there are totally manly enough to deal.
Again, mixing up Jillybean soup and Doodlebug was a win.
 I really love these colors and I feel they represent 
Easter colors totally.
So the Easter bunny brought a totally different haul
to this mob. Accent on toys not candy.
Probably a really good move to keep the level of hi-jinx
to a mild roar - no sugar highs LOL.
(I'm sure some candy was involved-somewhere)
And wa-la 
Another page.


  1. So sweet! Love this page size and the twine-wrapped heart! <3

  2. I love the colors. Perfect for Easter. Your creativity and the colorful elements make for a great layout.


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