Wednesday, May 10, 2017

When you can't find that perfect paper on NSD

These photos came across the wire just in time for NSD
and became 3rd in the line of pages.
I did print smaller photos and a 5x3 and then I searched
my entire box of papers (which is quite small by other
scrappers standards) and while I found possibilities
(that I will keep in mind for mom's album) 
they just didn't float my boat.
 I blew that baby up to 8.5x11 and shazam.
What a gorgeous pix and seriously her poise.
I don't have that poise yet.
Miss Amelia all dolled up for a dance.
Not using a lot of stuff so as not overwhelm, I love 
how this turned out. The photo blown up
is okay at this size for an iphone in low light
but it still doesn't take away from the overall 
look I wanted for this beauty.
Also, I put a smaller insert photo in there
that looks pretty cool.
My Mind's Eye, Michael's butterflies and a doily.


  1. Great idea!! Perfect fix, looks gorgeous!

  2. Haha, funny line about not having that poise yet, but she's beautiful and definitely has It! (And so do you!)


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