Monday, May 8, 2017

Got a slow start on NSD with the mojo

I didn't plan on NSD, it just happened.
I finished a gift album between laundry, vacuuming and
general cleaning and found I had some time
on my hands.
As I was looking through my download folder I
realized there were some pix that were NOT scrapped.
Oh the horror.
 I started out slow because I found that I didn't
have a whole lot of Easter paper adjustments
needed to be made. 
And the paper was kind of little-kid-looking and
these guys are a bit older so...
more adjustments needed to be made.
I therefore sparingly used the kiddy papers and added
some old Jillybean Easter stuff I had stashed
and some die cuts and wa-la
A page.
Connor rounded up the eggs.


  1. Right adjustments made~super cute kidlet and page :)

  2. I'd say you made an awesome page! :)

  3. What fun! I was tied up (literally) with three grands all weekend so I didn't get to celebrate NSD. I am glad you did.


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