Friday, May 5, 2017

More magic from the wayback box

Love it.
So in looking for something else (I know you're surprised)
I found these photos of Shane & Nick (below)
and weren't they adorable as kidlets.
 So in some places I used the same cards because they
worked and these pages are front to back
so there ya have it.
Man time flew by sooooo fast - it seems like yesterday.
Love how this turned out.
Love that they are scrapped.
A couple of stories have been noted but for the
most part these are school photos.
Sadly, not all had dates on it however, there were a ton
in the package so I'm sure somewhere notes were made.
I have no idea on the cards except some are Studio Calico,
Paper Studio die cut words, MAMBI, Cosmo Cricket and Tim Holtz.


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