Saturday, January 4, 2014

Scenes around Long Key State Park

This one is from our campsite - I finally found the courage to hop down 
to the sandy beach. Its a bit of a drop
with a cement block for climbing back up.
And I baby my knees too much. 
 However it was worth the view. 
I love the different colors of the water.

We hopped on our bikes and headed to the boardwalk.
In full disclosure it took awhile for the sun to
make an appearance and it was really windy. And a bit chilly.
 Above is a tidal basin that grows a lot of things. And while the water looks "dirty" its really clean and clear - you are looking at the bottom. (See next photo).

There's all kinds of vegetation and also spiders. We declined the hour walk through the golden orb spider webs - among other things. I didn't see any birds at all - which were touted as hanging about there.
I seem to have that affect.

On our ride back to camp - this tree caught my eye because there were birds at it on the way to the boardwalk - Of course they weren't there now.

A very pretty line. My DH determined it was a line and not a rope. It's called a line if it comes from a boat. And there's your nautical trivia of the day :)
 More than one angle on the tree and I love the sky. It was totally weird like that all day. Sun- no sun- pretty white clouds - grey clouds.

A gaggle of IBIS or flock maybe - I don't know if the gang word changes for seafaring birds.

And some little bird that may or may not be a sandpiper and is going into "grammy's book of can you find the critter in the picture." 


  1. Looks like such a pretty place, Lynn. Definitely filled with nature photo ops. :)

  2. Love the "line" ~gorgeous colors and the barnackles on it are really cool!

  3. Lovely photos, Lynn! I especially like the tree and sky pics.


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