Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Old Sassafrass Lass paper

I've been into using stash - not because it was stash, although it's always cool to whittle down the vast amount of papers and to not waste the tree that went into that stash, but because it actually
works for the photo and story. 
What you may not have been attracted to in the past actually rocks your little scrap world now. 
How cool is that.
I have subscribed to kits in the past and raise your hand if you DIDN'T love everything you received.
It really makes sense and I was okay with that because at times it made me spread my wings a bit.
Now the paper I used on this page isn't earth shattering out there and why I haven't used it prior to this I really can't say. I'm glad that as I was searching for something else this popped into my hands.
I love that I was able to use newer items like washi, wooden veneers, Simple Stories labels, mists, and twine and they all made the page. And maybe if I hadn't told you - you wouldn't remember how old this paper is. Or maybe you would. 
My philopsophy is 100 years from now no one is going to know I didn't use the latest and greatest on any given page.
However isn't great to USE NEW STUFF!
I love that stamp too, which is new from my Studio Calico kit. 
I just need to remember to keep an eye on my same brand of  inks when choosing inks and not just grab one. I wanted black and ended up with grey and didn't trust that I could line it up correctly.
ooooppps.....However, it really out well.


  1. This is so pretty, Lynn! I love the butterflies and looped twine touches!

  2. LOVE it, Lynn! Such a super pretty page.. and the picture is sooooo adorable :)

  3. love the old stuff:):) this is an awesome LO. Love it!!!!

  4. Gorgeous layout!! I've been on a buying freeze for so long almost all of my stuff is old stuff. LOL


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