Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Series of photos that tell a story

Cousins are a different lot. 
They're friends, they're related, they fight and then friends again
 and they get to go back to their separate corners
at the end of the day.
Thanksgiving 2013 was different.
 Missing the family matriarch - the family is shrinking.
So I decided to get a photo of the young cousins that were there.
The next next generation.
It was like herding cats in getting them all situated.
I figured the stairs was a good start - it kept them contained
for the most part which was key.
Then is was keeping their focus maintained.
Snort. as if.
So, once I had their attention, which took awhile,
  I said let's get ONE good one and then......
you can be goofy.
I love the series - they focused, they goofed, and they high-fived.
Totally made me laugh.

So there's some Authentique going on, with a bit of Mr. Huey and Heidi Swapp misting, as well as some stamping from Deadbeat designs. Basic Grey,  and Studio Calico of course.

On a side note - this made me feel really dumb.
It's life altering according to my pal Jill.
I just wanted to hear him say get Moose and Squirrel.


  1. Wrangling up the cousins during our family get togethers is never easy at all. Looks like you got it to work. Love how the page turned out!

  2. I have a time of it just keeping up with my grands and your doing cousins~I'm impressed. Looks fab , girl!!!


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