Wednesday, January 15, 2014

A couple of project teases going on...

Just to keep things interesting. Which means I've got nothing. LOL!

However, I was playing around whilst waiting for paint to dry and ta-da!! A couple of projects going on.

So stage left is some gesso and gel, awhite tag, medium and sweet potato bag mesh. Which is different from onion, potato, avacado mesh. They're great to have laying around.

So I laid out the orange mesh on the tag and slopped a mixture of gesso and gel around it.

I didn't have the presence of mind to photo the above - but below is
a photo of the texture the mixture made. Looks kinda neat although I either needed to use more or less. I'm not experienced enough to know at this point or any point really. I'm doing a lot of guessing.

 I broke out some adirondak alcohol inks and mists and some Heidi Swapp mist (which again you'll have to use your imagination because I didn't think to photo the process) because well I was playing around.

I really love the result - now all I have to do is figure out where to go from here.

Suggestions anyone? 

This bingo card has been laying about for centuries and felt the need to do something. Again.

So I broke out my tea dye varnish and went at it. Again, I know your imagination is by now running amok. :) 
As you can see I didn't do it evenly over the card because when paper and such ages it doesn't do it in an even fashion and I wanted that kind of look for the card.

THEN I had to wait for them to dry. Sigh. lol!

NOW I just need to figure out where to go from here. 

I visited HL tonight and picked up some chipboard and a new packet of paper to use for
the baby album. It'd be soooo much easier if I knew pink or blue LOL. 
However, I picked up the 8x8 of the Glitz Color Me Happy
and it has lots of happy happy happy primary colors and fun things
that I think will work well.
waiting for paint to dry - I painted the chipboard in colors I pulled
from the line and I'm not being a fraidy cat in 
slapping paint around.

I have a glass cutting board and under it I can't resist putting a lot of stuff
like tickets and cards and pamphlets and stuff.
It's distracting I know.
My bad.


  1. You are really embracing the paint these days!!!! Paint On:):)

  2. I know these will end up on some awesome projects in the near future. :)

  3. Pretty! They look like embellishments on a layout. :)

  4. Oh my ... what happiness, bright colors, textures, paint and gel, a body could go a bit crazy with all that, but knowing you, you'll find just the right place for both of those gorgeous tidbits.


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