Tuesday, August 9, 2011

USA!!!! America the Land of Freee!

Yes! Again. It just seemed fitting really. For some reason, my mojo wasn't up to snuff on how to scrap the USS Midway.  I wanted it to be a little special, after all dad was a sailor back in the day when they were rowing to the beat of drums (just kidding dad).

I had the best time roaming the decks and spent hours interacting with the volunteers, most who served aboard. They were not only proud of their service but of their ship.

As they should be.

I wanted to get a lot of pix on the page, because I took a lot of pix! LOL! And by now, you KNOW how much I LOVE (insert eyeroll) two pagers. So what's a scrapper to do. WELL!!!! Since I don't have windows explorer anymore with its vast array of collage templates, I downloaded Picassa. Gasp! It's free and swings both ways - MAC or Windows and its pretty good for free photoshop software. You can do all the basic things PLUS - collages!!! And its easy....choose your pictures, template and hit da button and wa-la.

I actually did this collage TWICE. The first in color which I found too distracting. The colors made it chaotic and your eye would've burst (dramatic I know). So I changed them to B&W (and it was a push of button) - except for one pix that slipped in. Sigh. However, NOW, no REAL big distractions or wiggy eye movement!!

The paper is YEARS old! Around the Block - Liberty. Covered up most of it but enough was left to get the drift and it really made the pix pop (say that 3x's fast-LOL).  QK- yes, I used that die again - only the negative part so you can SEE in the background. A tag with journaling tucked in and some photo turns, along with brackets and Cosmo Cricket tiny types.


  1. Love this~I love making collages~have you tried Picassa {it is a free program}user friendly~ especially love the black and white action!!!

  2. yay for photo collages! (it's about the only way I get lots of photos on a page, too!) :)

  3. Love the stars and this makes me want to try a photo collage!

  4. How fabulous! I know hubby would have LOVED to have been there. Must show him your layout. :)

  5. I love this! Great way to put lots of photos on one page!

  6. Great layout and isn't Picassa just too much fun just with this great and easy way to create collages! I do it all the time.


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