Wednesday, August 31, 2011


Picked up this watercolor book at Mikey's because my
pal April encouraged me and
had to make it my own.
(Little does she know that I'm a copycat and would've
done it because SHE had one) LOL!
 I can't draw and don't pretend too, but I can splash
water, swirl color and smush it around.
 Watercolors are very forgiving. 
And yeah I draw the same thing because I'm 
 striving for perfection anal retentive that way. 
 And it's fun to play. 
 Makes me feel like a kindergartener.
 I've written a couple of things in there.
I have a journal I totally yap in -only writing
so its hard to put a pen to these pages.
Not because it couldn't look any more stupider,
I just don't know what to write.
Write  Right now. (snort)
 I think some of it  looks stupid but I'll get over it.
I may need therapy.
 And someone sent me stamps to color.
I love to color.
And then I had leftover STUFF. So I threw
that in the mix which is fun.
I have a LOT more pages to go. So be ready
to be amazed and appalled.


  1. Let your art flow out! LOL! If you're not happy with a page, load on more...layers. Is how I'm thinking of doing mine - LOL!! Good for you to take that step forward :)

  2. Isn't it great just to CREATE?! :-))
    Love it and hope you will do more of them
    Sylvia xx

  3. I think it's sweet, and I LOVE that you love to play!

  4. I am amazed....or is it afraid? HAHAHA. Glad you're playing like you're supposed to be! if you hate it - that's what great collage work starts with...the undercoating ;)


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