Thursday, August 11, 2011

Cactus Fruit

Seems to be an aphrodisiac to Woodpeckers.
Yes this is a red necked woodpecker which you can't see
because of the angle.
 He sat on the "fruit" and pecked.
 It was evidently worth it and delicious!
 Must've had a sweet tooth going on.
 Totally relentless in his pursuit of the "fruit."
What I missed was - he was so excited to get this piece of fruit.
He pecked at it til it fell to the ground.
You have to use your imagination because alas I missed the shot.
My bad.
It was really really funny. 
Puzzled and shocked doesn't cover it!


  1. those are fantastic pics....that is hysterical that he fell with the fruit!

  2. love ctaching moments like that~super cool pic's!!!

  3. Too funny &I love the pics! TFS

  4. Ohhh... cool pics, Lynn! Thanks for sharing!!!
    Sylvia xx

  5. LOL!!! too funny I so wish you would off caught that photo. Your Pictures are amazing.!!!


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