Friday, August 19, 2011

Just playing around................

with mists and inks and oh yeah gesso.
Watched a Utube using gesso with inks and mists.
Alas, mine didn't quite turn out the way it was supposed to.
My gesso was more liquid that what as used on the video.
I always thought gesso was more of a whitewash/blend.
So I was actually kind of surprised when that gesso was more of solid.
I made this paper for Ca Hwy1 lo and I just wasn't feeling the love.
So after that Ca Hwy 1 (see below)  was completed,
 I just began tossing stuff on this page.
 THEN more and more stuff was flung and stuck.
Then I needed a photo.
Then my printer wasn't cooperating.
Then it was aperture that wasn't cooperating.
Time for DH to the rescue. Who patiently reloaded both.
And this was not the first pick photo either.
But we needed "practice" pix to see if all elements were working properly.
And wa-la!
Everything about this lo was a toss and a fling.
I learned this toss and fling technique from my friend April.
I'm thinking we need to take it on the road.


  1. This is awesome, Lynn! Love the shimmer and all the texture on your LO!

  2. I spy some supplies from years ago. Love seeing people use their stash. You should see my collections of frames from Making Memories. It's almost embarrassing.

  3. Real shells**love shells*** adorable Lo and pic is super cute!!!

  4. Love the toss and fling. ;) This LO looks fab!

  5. TOSS AND FLING RULES!!!! This is how to use your stash. Toss and fling to inspire yourself, glue what you like, remove what isn't "doing it for you" and BAM!!!! a masterpiece for sure.


  6. Good for you for experimenting! I think it turned out great! I got me a tub of gesso waiting to fling around! :)


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