Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Channeled my inner April

which took 3 forevers to complete.
Probably because the channel kept changing!
AND it was the die cut challenge at Moments.
Use a die cut in a completely different way.
Well. It took awhile to figure out a "different" way.
So while I was cruising through Jennifer McGuire's Mag
101 Ways to use your scrapbook supplies....
Although eyelets, I did give a bunch away
because well they're a pain to set.
For me anyway....snort.
Tag-flower - why re-invent the wheel when 
someone else did all the thinking!!!
Works for me - totally!


  1. I don't use to many eyelets either for the same reason but it loooks super cute the way you used them!! Adorable LO and love coffee too!!!

  2. Great take on the challenge! I do have a collection of eyelets that need attention. Just too lazy to pound them! LOL!!

  3. Neat page! Great layers of paint and ink!

  4. That's a pretty cool "shabby" layout. I have found a huge difference in eyelets I have in my stash. Some are a pain in the rear to set and others are super duper easy. I think the pain in the rear type are made of kryptonite!

  5. All things to loooove :)

  6. Such a fun project. And boy do I know. I have a billion unused eyelets as well. Love the look, hate the work.

  7. eyelets eyelets everywhere....and I've gotten rid of SOOOOOOOO many :|

    I can't find part of my eyelet setter, so I'm off the hook a while. no, nevermind, silent setter did me in again. Frig.

    wtg with that blast from the past!


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